Manufacturing Sector

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By using digital technologies, industrial companies can add data-driven services to their products and develop demand-oriented solutions. This creates opportunities for differentiation from competitors and for generating additional revenues. The prerequisites for realizing this potential are the automated collection, processing and analysis of data in order to gain new kinds of insights. On the basis of these insights, it is necessary to systematically develop scalable service products and business models and to take organizational measures. We support companies in the manufacturing sector in these tasks. We focus on the interplay between digital technologies (esp. IoT and AI), efficient process design and effective solutions to achieve positive customer experiences and business results.

Our services and competencies include:

  • Development and evaluation of use cases and data-driven business models
  • Acquisition and processing of machine data with sensor and cloud technologies
  • Data analysis with machine learning techniques (supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning algorithms)
  • Development and testing of imaging AI applications (industrial computer vision)
  • Organizational and technological safeguarding of AI systems
  • Systematic development of smart services (e.g., prediction and recommendation systems)
  • Human-centered AI design with focus on acceptance and perceived quality
  • Support of digital service transformation processes