Parking Management and Mobility

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In the "parking management and mobility" application field, the topics of "digitization," "sustainability," and "urban development" merge. Completely new service ecosystems are emerging, especially through the integration of different data sources and databases. At the same time, there are enormous challenges to make the mobility of the future more sustainable and efficient. New vehicle concepts and forms of propulsion will greatly change service processes in the area of parking management and mobility. This requires innovative cooperation and business models in addition to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for automated data analysis and forecasting. This is where KODIS comes in with its research and consulting services.

Our services and competencies include:

  • Introduction and evaluation of data-driven parking management.
  • Use of AI applications for automated parking data collection and support in the development of IoT applications and sensor systems
  • Developing cloud-based services for the management, analysis and interpretation of mobility and parking data
  • Development of land use concepts for parking space and further development of parking garages into urban mobility centers (= mobility hubs)
  • Establishment of topic-related innovation networks, organization of events, and implementation of pilot projects with cities and companies as part of the "Parking Innovation Platform" initiative
  • Development of AI methods for traffic data collection