Public Services

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For the energy and mobility turnaround to succeed, it will require not only courageous policies but also, and in particular, the wealth of ideas and commitment of companies providing services of general interest. But it is precisely these companies - regardless of whether they are organized as private-sector or public-municipal enterprises - that are coming under increasing pressure. Until now, cross-financing of loss-making public services, such as the operation of swimming pools or public transport, has been possible through energy offers. But with the current energy market crisis at the latest, this financing model is increasingly reaching its limits. Companies providing services of general interest must therefore open up new business areas and further increase the efficiency of their service provision. The digital transformation offers numerous opportunities that municipal companies have not yet taken sufficient advantage of. Since they enjoy a high level of trust among the public, there is great potential here. We would like to support you in leveraging this potential.

Our competencies include:

  • Development of data-driven services and innovative business models for and with companies in the public service sector
  • AI-supported analysis of process data
  • Development of predictive services (e.g. predictive maintenance in the water industry)
  • Support for the digital transformation in utilities companies
  • Internal support of digitalization projects, change management
  • Support in the development of IoT applications and sensor systems