Data-Based Business Models

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Digitalization leads to the connection of previously separated processes via digital technologies, resulting in new processes and business models.

Our research field "Data-Based Business Models" addresses concepts concerning the development of innovative and data-driven service products and business models. 

In doing so, we explore the questions of how processes can be improved and which business models are most suitable for the respective field of application. For example, we are interested in how a parking provider can utilize digital services in order to turn into a provider of sustainable mobility. We study approaches that enable businesses to generate new streams of revenue through the intelligent use of process data in production management. In addition, in the field of logistics, we study the potential of intelligent routing algorithms for cargo bike couriers supporting urban parcel deliveries. 

As a part of our research activity, we develop methods, procedures, and instruments for the systematic development of »smarter« and data-driven services and business models.