We shape the value creation of the future. In cooperation with companies, municipalities and intermediary institutions, we translate applied research on artificial intelligence into customer-oriented service offerings.

Why KODIS...


In themselves, digital technologies are nothing new and their use is very widespread. What is new, however, is that digitalization is increasingly linking cross-company and cross-sector service processes to form service systems. This results in new service offerings and in some cases completely new business models.

Whether in the field of logistics, transport, services of general interest, or mechanical engineering - in the future, only those providers will be successful who link digital processes in such a way that customer-specific added value is created.

This is where KODIS comes in. With our core competences, we accompany you on the way of becoming a data-based service organization:

  • Automated collection of process data and data analysis
  • Managing, analyzing, referencing and connecting large amounts of data
  • Using machine learning and AI-algorithms for data analysis
  • Digital change management and promotion of a digital service culture

Located on Heilbronn's Bildungscampus since May 2019


The Research and Innovation Center for Cognitive Service Systems (KODIS) is the new branch office of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) on the Bildungscampus in Heilbronn. We are a growing, interdisciplinary team of data scientists, engineers, geographers, city planners, economists, and social scientists. 

In cooperation with the LOGWERT competence center, we have been realizing a variety of projects in the field of logistics and related sectors. Having gained both industry-specific process knowhow and data analysis skills, we systematically transfer our expertise to other service-specific fields of application.


Dr. Bernd Bienzeisler

Head of Research and Innovation Center for Cognitive Service Systems

Dr. rer. oec., economist and social scientist

Phone: +49 711 970-2088
E-Mail: bernd.bienzeisler@iao.fraunhofer.de

Veronika Prochazka

Team Leader Public Service Innovation

M.A., communication scientist 

Phone: +49 711 970-2378
E-Mail: veronika.prochazka@iao.fraunhofer.de

Dr. Manuela Bauer

Team Leader Transport Systems Innovation

Dr. phil., economic geographer

Phone: +49 711 970-2326
E-Mail: manuela.bauer@iao.fraunhofer.de

Katrin Peters

Team assistant

Dipl. Kffr., economist

Phone: +49 711 970-5261
E-Mail: katrin.peters@iao.fraunhofer.de

Meng Jin

M.Sc., software developer

Phone: +49 711 970-5260
E-Mail: meng.jin@iao.fraunhofer.de

Janika Kutz

M.Sc., psychologist

Phone: +49 711 970-5259
E-Mail: janika.kutz@iao.fraunhofer.de

Rebecca Litauer

M.A., data analyst

Phone: +49 711 970-2334
E-Mail: rebecca.litauer@iao.fraunhofer.de

Felix Zimmermann

M.A., business economist

Phone: +49 711 970-5263
E-Mail: felix.zimmermann@iao.fraunhofer.de

Diana Egeler

M.Sc., data and process manager

Phone: +49 711 970-5264
E-Mail: diana.egeler@iao.fraunhofer.de

Maximilian Feike

M.Sc., technically oriented business economist

Phone: +49 711 970-5265
E-Mail: maximilian.feike@iao.fraunhofer.de

Melanie Handrich

M.Eng., urban planner

Phone: +49 711 970-5262
E-Mail: melanie.handrich@iao.fraunhofer.de

Steffen Bengel

M.Sc., geoinformatician

Phone: +49 711 970-2395
E-Mail: steffen.bengel@iao.fraunhofer.de

Lars Mauch

M.Eng., traffic engineer

Coordination »Data Science and Analytics«

Phone: +49 711 970-2350
E-Mail: lars.mauch@iao.fraunhofer.de